How to write a theoretical chapter of the Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis

Time for the heart of the topic. Of course, nothing will do the same, We are also unable to lead you, but We know that if you follow the points below, the challenge to write a chapter in 1 day can be successful.

  1. Set up time for writing

The key point for success. Before you decide for yourself that you will allocate a given day for writing your chapter. So you wake up in the morning, without a delay, eat breakfast, quit washing windows or general cleaning and sit in front of the computer. Of course, not to scroll through Facebook or view photos of her friend on Instagram. Set yourself time to work and rest time. Turn off the phone and all possible “disturbances” and focus on work.

  1. Just write

You see a blinking cursor, an empty Word document, and you’re wondering how to put a sentence to make it sound good? Time flows inexorably, and you have not written anything yet. Do you know this feeling? Most students also know it, most writers and anyone who deals with writing any texts.

The way to overcome this barrier is very easy. Do not browse the materials indefinitely and do not think about the next sentence. Just start writing anything that comes to your mind and is related to the topic. Begin and the next words will come and catch the flow, then write as long as you can. Before you look, you will have 5 pages.

  1. First write correct later (Best next day)

Do you feel that you have written something wrong and want to correct it? Do not be seduced by this temptation, as We mentioned before, focus on the writing itself. All spelling and punctuation mistakes will be corrected later. When? As you write the whole chapter. If time allows you, you can apply the best possible solutions, that is reading and correcting everything on the second day.

Why do not We recommend correcting right away? Returning to the previously written content, you lose the flow, you lose the rhythm. You waste time correcting mistakes, standing in a place with a text, you may also think that you have not written something. If you are very meticulous, you can improve one page a few hours and you will not be happy with the result. As you write the entire chapter with great pleasure you will take care of its improvement. Even if it is not the best, the most important thing is that you have already written and completed the seminar.

If you have a ready chapter, you have some time and want to improve it, you can commission professional proofreading and technical formatting.

  1. Make a copy of your work

“Mr Promoter, We had already written the whole chapter, but the computer has crashed and everything has been deleted. The Lord will give you 3 “.

Just like at every wedding, guests have to listen to “Through Your Green Eyes” a dozen or so times ago, so the promoter must listen to dozens of times during the semester that an evil computer has erased all the work. He would smile politely, but he should say, “What do We care? You are not a child. You know that computers hang up and you should systematically take copies of your work. We write 2 for the index and say goodbye. “

Always write every hour or two of your work every time you write. Otherwise, in the event of a failure, the plan to write a chapter in a day may fail.

Some internet specialists recommend making copies in several places. In my opinion, all you need is a USB flash drive and drive, so that you can access your work at any time and anywhere with internet access.

  1. Make a short introduction before writing each chapter / subsection.

You do not know how to start? Vacancy? There is a way. Do not go straight to the details just before each chapter / subsection, write a short introduction. It’s the easiest way to describe what you’re going to write about in the next part of the chapter and why it’s important from the point of view of the topic.

  1. At the beginning a short historical outline

At the beginning of each chapter, before you get to the bottom of the topic, you can present a brief historical outline of the phenomenon under investigation. Present its genesis, change over the centuries or years, describe how it used to be and how it is today.

Example 1.

Chapter on computer aided production processes.

Mention how it was 30 years ago, describe how the production was planned when there were no complicated systems or even computers.

Example 2.

The chapter deals with the tasks of the police in the state security system.

Before you present your current tasks, describe what the police (Militia) did 40 years ago. How did she ensure then the security of the state and what were its main tasks. Do not judge, but do not be afraid of your own digression. A good promoter will appreciate that you think, and not just rewrite books.

  1. Review of definitions.

The most liked way for students to fill in the content of the chapter. Yes, it is a good solution, but remember to collect as many definitions as possible. Various authors and from different historical periods. A good idea is to review the definitions from the oldest to the youngest.

  1. Different approach to the studied phenomenon

A very good way to “fast content production” is to present various approaches to the phenomenon in question. The easiest way to do it is when you find a few articles, books presenting an extreme approach to the phenomenon in question. Do not be afraid that you will offend the promoter’s previews. In the theoretical chapter you present not so much your views, but what you review literature on a given topic. And as you know, the views of the writers can be different.

Describe publications for both pros and cons. Keep proportions and do not be biased. First of all you will quickly increase the number of pages, and secondly you will surprise the promoter, because the promoters usually like, objective works showing different points of view. You can apply this scheme to practically any widely discussed phenomenon.

  1. Insert tables, charts, pictures

Writing, even on the most interesting topic, in the end your wisdom will run out and materials will end. Therefore, a good way is to insert tables, charts, pictures. The scheme is simple – you insert one of these elements, then describe it. This is very positively evaluated, of course, you need to be moderate, but at some universities you can try to insert any of these elements on each page.

  1. Bullets

Seemingly bright, however, many people forget about it. When writing a theoretical chapter, use bullet points every few paragraphs. This will improve the readability of your work, allow you to collect thoughts and write more blocks of material faster. However, you can not overdo it with the number of letters and their length, because the promoter will ask you to convert them to continuous blocks of text.

  1. From general to specific

If you are concerned that you may block yourself when writing, and do not know what to write about, use the method from general to specific. So, at the beginning you write about the phenomenon in general, and then move its specific aspects.

Although We are not an advocate of the detailed content planning of the chapters, We recommend the method “from the general to the detail” because thanks to it you can create a perfect plan, which you will not lose Flow with. Perhaps someday We will prepare a concrete plan for writing such a chapter.

  1. At the end of the chapter, subsection a short summary

As you have already managed to get to the end of the subsection / chapter, do not take it off suddenly. Write a short summary, in which you will tell in a few sentences what the chapter was about, what you described in it and what conclusions you drew.

  1. Remember about footnotes

We have repeatedly mentioned to write, to catch Flow, and to improve the content best on the second day. Except for the only exception, which is the footnotes. Insert them on a regular basis. They do not have to be fully compliant with the university guidelines, you will correct them at the end, but at the very least write down the title and the page of the book you have used. If you forget about it, you will spend a lot of time researching the sources you used to prepare the chapter.

  1. Remember about technical formatting

You can leave most technical issues at the end. Remember to fine-tune it before giving the chapter. As We mentioned, sometimes the appearance may determine the assessment of the chapter, and even the entire work. You can find information in the article about technical formatting


We hope that the above tips can help you write a chapter, but they will not do it for you. It is you, Dear Student, that you must motivate and work honestly to give the theoretical chapter written. Especially for you We have prepared a short list of points, which if you do them well, will help you prepare the theoretical chapter in 1 day. Will you take the challenge?

Question for you

Dear Student, have my tips helped you? Did you write the theoretical chapter in 1 day? What else do you need to remember about this challenge? Please share your experiences in the comments.

Professional help

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