How to write a dissertation chapter in one day?

In the following post We will present you the best ways to quickly prepare the theoretical chapter of the bachelor or master thesis. If you reliably follow these tips, it is very possible that you will be able to write a dissertation chapter in 1 day.

We realize that writing the theoretical chapter of the diploma thesis seems to be the most boring thing under the sun, so at the very beginning We would like to tell you a horrible story.

Patterns of theoretical chapters

In the following, the methods and methods of quickly writing the theoretical chapter are described. If, however, you have little time, We have an even faster solution.

We provide you with 12 sample models of theoretical chapters. They use proven, working schemes that you will quickly apply in your diploma thesis.

These chapters were written by a 5-Master Magisterium, not available anywhere else. You will not find them on the internet or in any diploma thesis!

Why do students postpone everything late?

The following article is written in December before Christmas. At this time you should have already written the first theoretical chapter of your thesis. If you have not already done so, later it will get worse, because the holiday season is not conducive to intellectual effort. There are many other duties before Christmas, and after Christmas it is difficult to get to work. Sometimes the promoter is guilty, who, apart from choosing a topic, does not require anything from students. She only remembers about them when she has to enter the grade from the seminar in the index.

You can not blame yourself for it. It is known that people postpone everything for later and take to work at the last minute. Students usually take a whole semester to study, learn a few days or a night before an important exam. Similarly with the projects for which the lecturer has allocated a month for implementation, they are prepared in a great hurry, at the last minute. Also in the work of the majority, everything is done on the border of the so-called Deadline.

Therefore, if you have found yourself in a similar situation like John, do not worry. Putting everything down to the last minute is part of human nature and you have to accept it. Since you’re reading this article, you probably do not have much time to write a chapter and you’re looking for a way to do it. So to particulars.

Is it possible to write the theoretical chapter of the diploma thesis in one day?

The title of this entry is not “Clickbait” – a lure that would encourage you to click and read the text. Writing the theoretical chapter of the Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis is possible in 1 day, but certain conditions have to be met.

  1. You write the theoretical chapter

The theoretical or imitative chapter is based on literature. Research chapters are another fairy tale, however, We do not rule out that it is also possible to write such a chapter in one day.

  1. The chapter has from 15 to 20 pages

We assume that the chapter is to have a standard number of pages, that is from 15 to 20. If it is to be shorter – it will go even easier, if more than 20 pages can be a problem … But nothing is impossible 

  1. You have chosen a normal topic

We assume that you have chosen the subject of the diploma thesis to which the materials are available. If you have suffered a fantasy and chose an exotic theme, then you will have a problem with writing the chapter in 1 day. (However, as We mentioned before, We do not exclude the possibility that it is possible, maybe it will not be perfect at first, but you always have the option of making amendments at a later date)

  1. Your work day is from 12 to 15 hours

We assume you intend to work honestly, that is, you spend all day writing. So you will get up at 7 in the morning, make yourself a cup of coffee and on and off you will work until 20 or more.

  1. You have prepared materials before

The day before, you found the literature you needed, reviewed the materials, selected the most important fragments, and got acquainted with the subject you are about to write about. You can also organize patterns of theoretical chapters, thanks to which you can significantly speed up the work.

  1. You know the basic rules for preparing the work

You must know the basic rules, ie how to make footnotes, how to describe tables, drawings, etc.

  1. You are at least an average student

In total, the most important point. If you want to write a chapter in 1 day, then you must have any knowledge about the subject and at least a basic notion about writing. If you have completed your studies and you have copied your work from the internet and you make mistakes even in the shopping list, rather forgive yourself such a challenge.

Why is motivation to write a diploma thesis so important?

Before we get to the bottom, We have to mention one important thing. You will not be helped by any guide, no online guru, or even this article if you simply do not want to or do not believe in yourself. The most important is motivation, or simply saying “what to do to want to want?” The subject of motivation to write a diploma thesis is so important that We devoted a separate entry to it.